skylined: (suju ♔ pajama party!)
//the last secret garden// ([personal profile] skylined) wrote2012-07-16 04:36 pm

♔ friends only! ♔

1. Be respectful. It doesn't matter to me if you're religious, or if you're not religious, or what your politics are, or what your lifestyle is. I only care that you're polite, and extend me and mine the same sort of respect. :)

2. I don't care about age. I care that you can spell correctly, and are open-minded, and don't start drama. That's all!

3. As for me, I'm an activist (primarily for animals), American-born but looking to permanently relocate to England as soon as I can, an aspiring professional astrologer and tarot-reader, irreligious but respectful of those who are, non-maternal, pansexual, and vegetarian. Basically, give me a van and I would be a full-on hippie. If any of these things bother least now you know? ;)

4. More about me here, if you're curious!

5. Profit! Comment to be considered! ♥