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IS ★ jacey. activist, particularly for animals. aspiring author and astrologer. bookslut. current professional elf (by which i mean my job is seriously selling toys in a giant bookstore). future londoner if it kills me. libra/scorpio/aquarius smash. owned by a stupid cat, a frighteningly smart cat obsessed with cornflakes, and a cat who thinks she is a dragon. pansexual. rapunzel in training. sparkly. vegetarian.

LOVES ★ adventuring. alliteration. animals. astrology. autumn. bjds. books. caffeine. cats. double rainbows. england/europe. escapades. fireflies. fireworks. fonts. glitter. horses. laughter. long hair. nail art. naming inanimate objects. psychology. poppies. research. shiny objects. stuffed animals. tarot. tea. tea parties. telling stories. travel. typography. typewriters. wordplay. words. writing.

READS ★ everything. alice's adventures in wonderland. black beauty. bradbury. byatt. CLAMP. eliot. fairy tales. folklore. gaiman. good omens. harry potter. holly black. holly lisle. jung. king. leviathan. liesl & po. lisey's story. lord of the rings. magical realism. poetry. sherlock holmes. the dark tower. the godfather. the god in flight. the great gatsby. the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making. the night circus. wicked lovely. wilde. woolf.

HEARS ★ 2pm. acid android. aural vampire. big bang. capsule. f.cuz. f(x). gackt. hyde. i still live in the nineties shut up. jason mraz. jo kwon. kagrra,. l'arc~en~ciel. lady sovereign. lights. matchbox twenty. moi-même-moitié. pierrot. plastic tree. schwarz stein. shinee. super junior. tetsu. the beatles.

SEES ★ battle royale. black books. clue. fairy tale: a true story. in the realm of the senses. jeeves & wooster. lord of the rings. misery. moonchild. sherlock holmes. spring waltz. supernatural. the godfather. the golden girls.


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